Senate Committees

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Long DescriptionHearing 
26781 Agriculture Scheduled
27371AppropriationsNot Scheduled
27582 sub Appropriations- Agriculture, Environment, and EnergyNot Scheduled
27592 sub Appropriations- Business Regulations and LaborNot Scheduled
27612 sub Appropriations- Criminal JusticeNot Scheduled
27642 sub Appropriations- General ServicesNot Scheduled
27672 sub Appropriations- Higher EducationNot Scheduled
27702 sub Appropriations- Personnel and ProcurementNot Scheduled
27712 sub Appropriations- Revenue and FinanceNot Scheduled
27722 sub Appropriations- State Law EnforcementNot Scheduled
27732 sub Appropriations- Veterans AffairsNot Scheduled
27602 sub Appropriations- Constitutional OfficesNot Scheduled
27622 sub Appropriations- EducationNot Scheduled
27632 sub Appropriations- Emergency ManagementNot Scheduled
27652 sub Appropriations- Government InfrastructureNot Scheduled
27662 sub Appropriations- HealthNot Scheduled
27682 sub Appropriations- Human ServicesNot Scheduled
27692 sub Appropriations- JudiciaryNot Scheduled
27004AssignmentsNot Scheduled
27361 Behavioral and Mental Health Scheduled
27381 Commerce Scheduled
26943Committee of the WholeNot Scheduled
27011 Criminal Law Scheduled
28482 sub Criminal Law- Clear ComplianceNot Scheduled
28502 sub Criminal Law- Juvenile CourtNot Scheduled
28492 sub Criminal Law- Special Issues Scheduled
28522 sub Problem- Solving CourtsNot Scheduled
28512 sub Sealing and ExpungementNot Scheduled
26801 Education Scheduled
27021 Energy and Public Utilities Scheduled
28592 sub Subcommittee on Future Cellular DevelopmentNot Scheduled
28702 sub Subcommittee on Next Generation NuclearNot Scheduled
28572 sub Subcommittee on Rate Reform and EnergyNot Scheduled
28582 sub Subcommittee on Water Issues ManagementNot Scheduled
28602 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (EN)Not Scheduled
27031 Environment and Conservation Scheduled
27391EthicsNot Scheduled
26821 Executive Scheduled
28162 sub Executive- CannabisNot Scheduled
28182 sub Executive- ElectionsNot Scheduled
28682 sub Executive- FirearmsNot Scheduled
28172 sub Executive- GamingNot Scheduled
28192 sub Executive- Government OperationsNot Scheduled
28252 sub Executive- LiquorNot Scheduled
28202 sub Executive- Procurement Scheduled
28212 sub Executive- Special IssuesNot Scheduled
28672 sub Executive- TobaccoNot Scheduled
28222 sub Executive- Consolidation Scheduled
26811 Executive Appointments Scheduled
26831Financial InstitutionsNot Scheduled
27401 Health Scheduled
27562 sub Subcommittee on Long-Term Care & AgingNot Scheduled
27542 sub Subcommittee on Managed Care Organizations (MCO's)Not Scheduled
27522 sub Subcommittee on Children & FamilyNot Scheduled
27532 sub Subcommittee on MedicaidNot Scheduled
27552 sub Subcommittee on Public HealthNot Scheduled
27572 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (H)Not Scheduled
27441 Healthcare Access and Availability Scheduled
26951 Higher Education Scheduled
27411 Human Rights Scheduled
26851 Insurance Scheduled
28562 sub Insurance- Special IssuesNot Scheduled
27041 Judiciary Scheduled
27862 sub Judiciary- Business EntitiesNot Scheduled
27852 sub Judiciary- Privacy Scheduled
27872 sub Judiciary- Property LawNot Scheduled
27882 sub Judiciary- TortsNot Scheduled
26961 Labor Scheduled
28462 sub Labor- Special IssuesNot Scheduled
28472 sub Unemployment InsuranceNot Scheduled
26871 Licensed Activities Scheduled
28712 sub Licensed Activities- Special IssuesNot Scheduled
26861 Local Government Scheduled
27341 Pensions Scheduled
27451 Public Safety Scheduled
27421RedistrictingNot Scheduled
28012 sub Redistricting- Chicago NorthNot Scheduled
28042 sub Redistricting- Chicago West and Western Cook CountyNot Scheduled
28022 sub Redistricting- Chicago NorthwestNot Scheduled
28032 sub Redistricting- Chicago SouthNot Scheduled
28052 sub Redistricting- DuPage CountyNot Scheduled
28062 sub Redistricting- East Central and Southeastern IllinoisNot Scheduled
28072 sub Redistricting- Kane and Kendall CountiesNot Scheduled
28082 sub Redistricting- Kankakee and Will CountiesNot Scheduled
28092 sub Redistricting- Lake and McHenry CountiesNot Scheduled
28102 sub Redistricting- Northern IllinoisNot Scheduled
28112 sub Redistricting- Northwest Cook CountyNot Scheduled
28122 sub Redistricting- South Cook CountyNot Scheduled
28132 sub Redistricting- Southern IllinoisNot Scheduled
28142 sub Redistricting- Southwestern IllinoisNot Scheduled
28152 sub Redistricting- West Central IllinoisNot Scheduled
26881 Revenue Scheduled
28542 sub Credits, Deductions, and ExemptionsNot Scheduled
28552 sub Revenue- Special IssuesNot Scheduled
26841 State Government Scheduled
27431Tourism and HospitalityNot Scheduled
26891 Transportation Scheduled
28692 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (TR)Not Scheduled
27171 Veterans Affairs Scheduled