Senate Committees

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Long DescriptionHearing 
28991AgricultureNot Scheduled
29591 Appropriations- Education Scheduled
30422 sub Approp- Higher EducationNot Scheduled
29661Appropriations - Health and Human ServicesNot Scheduled
29671Appropriations- Public Safety and InfrastructureNot Scheduled
29421 Appropriations Scheduled
29174AssignmentsNot Scheduled
29411Behavioral and Mental HealthNot Scheduled
30403Senate Special Committee on the Chicago Elected Representative School BoardNot Scheduled
29123Committee of the WholeNot Scheduled
29601Early Childhood EducationNot Scheduled
29001EducationNot Scheduled
29191 Energy and Public Utilities Scheduled
29201Environment and ConservationNot Scheduled
29021ExecutiveNot Scheduled
29952 sub Subcommittee on CannabisNot Scheduled
30432 sub Constitutional AmendmentsNot Scheduled
29962 sub Subcommittee on ElectionsNot Scheduled
30452 sub Subcommittee on End of Life IssuesNot Scheduled
30042 sub Executive Subcommittee on ConsolidationNot Scheduled
30052 sub Subcommittee on EthicsNot Scheduled
30022 sub Executive Subcommittee on Special IssuesNot Scheduled
29972 sub Subcommittee on FirearmsNot Scheduled
29982 sub Subcommittee on Gaming, Wagering, and RacingNot Scheduled
29992 sub Subcommittee on Government OperationsNot Scheduled
30002 sub Subcommittee on LiquorNot Scheduled
30462 sub Subcommittee on Paid LeaveNot Scheduled
30012 sub Subcommittee on ProcurementNot Scheduled
30032 sub Subcommittee on TobaccoNot Scheduled
29011Executive AppointmentsNot Scheduled
29031Financial InstitutionsNot Scheduled
30382 sub Financial Institutions Subcommitee on Special IssuesNot Scheduled
29611Health and Human ServicesNot Scheduled
29131Higher EducationNot Scheduled
29461Human RightsNot Scheduled
29051InsuranceNot Scheduled
29211JudiciaryNot Scheduled
29932 sub Subcommittee on PrivacyNot Scheduled
29922 sub Subcommittee on PropertyNot Scheduled
29942 sub Subcommittee on Special IssuesNot Scheduled
29141LaborNot Scheduled
30392 sub Labor Subcommittee on Employment SecurityNot Scheduled
29071Licensed ActivitiesNot Scheduled
30472 sub Interstate Licensure CompactsNot Scheduled
29061Local GovernmentNot Scheduled
29621Public HealthNot Scheduled
29081RevenueNot Scheduled
30073Special Committee on Criminal Law and Public SafetyNot Scheduled
30182 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues on Criminal Law & Public SafetyNot Scheduled
30172 sub Subcommittee on CLEAR ComplianceNot Scheduled
29653Senate Special Committee on PensionsNot Scheduled
30142 sub Subcommittee on Pensions Special IssuesNot Scheduled
29041State GovernmentNot Scheduled
30152 sub Subcommittee on State Gov. Special IssuesNot Scheduled
29091TransportationNot Scheduled
29321Veterans AffairsNot Scheduled