Senate Committees

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Long DescriptionHearing 
19141 Agriculture Scheduled
19151Appropriations INot Scheduled
19271Appropriations IINot Scheduled
19404AssignmentsNot Scheduled
21963Special Committee on Oversight of Medicaid Managed CareNot Scheduled
19701 Commerce and Economic Development Scheduled
19303Committee of the WholeNot Scheduled
19411 Criminal Law Scheduled
19161 Education Scheduled
22002 sub Subcommittee on Charter SchoolsNot Scheduled
21992 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (ED)Not Scheduled
19421 Energy Scheduled
19431 Environment and Conservation Scheduled
19181 Executive Scheduled
21862 sub Subcommittee on Constitutional AmendmentsNot Scheduled
21872 sub Subcommittee on Election LawNot Scheduled
21882 sub Subcommittee on Governmental OperationsNot Scheduled
21892 sub Subcommittee on PensionsNot Scheduled
21902 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (EX)Not Scheduled
19171Executive AppointmentsNot Scheduled
19191Financial InstitutionsNot Scheduled
21531 Gaming Scheduled
21541 Government Reform Scheduled
19311 Higher Education Scheduled
21942 sub Subcommittee on Public Higher Education Administrative Costs, Tuition and FeesNot Scheduled
19281 Human Services Scheduled
19211 Insurance Scheduled
19441 Judiciary Scheduled
21912 sub Subcommittee on Civil RightsNot Scheduled
21922 sub Subcommittee on FirearmsNot Scheduled
21932 sub Subcommittee on Tort ReformNot Scheduled
19321 Labor Scheduled
19231 Licensed Activities and Pensions Scheduled
21852 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (LA)Not Scheduled
19221 Local Government Scheduled
19361 Public Health Scheduled
19241 Revenue Scheduled
22152 sub Subcommittee on Income TaxesNot Scheduled
22162 sub Subcommittee on Property TaxesNot Scheduled
22172 sub Subcommittee on Sales TaxesNot Scheduled
22182 sub Subcommittee on Special Issues (RV)Not Scheduled
22192 sub Subcommittee on TourismNot Scheduled
19201 State Government Scheduled
21952 sub Subcommittee on State DesignationsNot Scheduled
21561 Telecommunications and Information Technology Scheduled
19251 Transportation Scheduled
21551 Veterans Affairs Scheduled